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Watch Mind Control Masterclass. Comments I love this. Looooool Fuck their logic. Would you recommend this Guide? Walkthrough by nalmar Version: As such, those not of sufficient age or offended by such material should not read this walkthrough.

It was written specificly The Housekeeper www.

and fight shogun fuck princess

Please do not post it elsewhere. First time player walkthrough.

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Added a CG listing and shogun princess fight and fuck to unlock them princfss the end of the walkthrough. The first time play walkthrough has been re-worked to be substantially easier. Ending 3 Way Ep. 8 count has been reduced for a higher ending score. The first time play walkthrough will pdincess first.

If you follow this walkthrough you will unlock the following at completion: Shogun princess fight and fuck first time players: An ending score of at least an You can get an additional 10 score shogun princess fight and fuck the women achievement and an additonal 2 score for every commander with end-game points in fght control at the end of the game. Dokuganryuu family bonus Shogun princess fight and fuck known as the One-Eye house.

While failing to do these things may only make events more difficult in some cases, others may affect the choices given on a turn Meet and Fuck - Dance School them differ from the walkthrough. Remember these things when playing: Do not use any affection items unless told to do so. There is a chance to acquire these items when capturing enemy commanders in battle, as well as the normal dungeon drops.

For the majority of this walkthrough I did not use a commander with the "Defeated warrior hunt" skill. If you are concerned about running out, give this skill to one or more of your commanders and you should have more than enough affection items when prompted to use them. Do not allow a house to retake any of the sections of a territory before you conquer it.

A partially taken territory must be taken completely, fuxk you are specificly told that sogun house can retake something that turn Mouri is allowed to do so at least twice, but each time is noted. Failure to defend partially taken territories will invalidate the walkthrough. Be sure to save before ending your turn to be safe. Do not allow a house to completely take over one shogun princess fight and fuck your territories. Losing a territory can invalidate the walkthrough.

That being said, you fihht allow a house to partially take the areas pprincess your territories as long as they do not completely take them over. It is beneficial to allow it in many cases and necessary in others when facing multiples houses.

Use this to your advantage when you need to commit extra commanders to offensive action. Do not take an action that is not listed in the walkthrough if you intend to follow it to the end.

princess and fuck fight shogun

You are free to stop following shogun princess fight and fuck walkthrough at any point, but once you do so your end result will differ from the one produced by this walkthrough.

If you fall behind somehow, there are certain points called "Free actions" in the first play walkthrough that can be used to either perform a specific action if it did not happen between turns, impose a levy, or catch up on something else.

Do not increase the troop size of the first 5 generic commanders recruited at the beginning of the walkthrough. They are there for negotiation and scouting purposes to adult porn your useful commanders available for battle.

The starting foot soldiers may be needed to defend briefly at the beginning and will be needed for the Kyo dungeon, but increasing their troop size is not shogun princess fight and fuck. Do not let your prison fill up completely. Your prison will hold a maximum of 30 prisoners.

fuck shogun and princess fight

Be sure to release them 5 at a time regularly to get Happy Pokkuru to level commanders and to be sure that you can capture enemy commanders in battle. Having a nearly full prison shogun princess fight and fuck also make capturing enemy commanders difficult as well.

Make sure to use stat scrolls that you acquire through battle, dungeons, or levies. Use the beginning shogun princess fight and fuck on Rance. Raising as many of his stats to 6 as possible before using his satisfaction bonus to increase all 4 of his stats will immensely help during the later game. I recommend making a save at the beginning and end of each turn at a minimum.

Saving before attacking a territory is advisable as well as after capturing a commander. At High Pex One points in the walkthrough, you are told to dismiss a specific commander. Before doing so, make sure to reduce that commander's troops down to 1.

This will give you some extra cash before dismissing the shogun princess fight and fuck. You can never again recruit a commander that has been dismissed, so do not worry about ruining the unit by lowering the maximum troop amount. Use all Happy Pokkuru acquired during the game to level Rance only. Heal the troops on operation permit holders after they attack.

fuck and princess shogun fight

Failure to do so will prevent them shogun princess fight and fuck attack on the following turn. If a commander has a conversation or scene between turns that is mentioned as an action later in the guide, the mentioned action may be treated as a free action to make up a missed action or impose a levy. In the event that you are not able to free porn games no credit card needed up an action, non-story line dungeons can be skipped.

It is best to do them for the commander levels and items they give, so only skip them if absolutely necessary. Triggering and Postponing House Wars: Alice Soft created many triggers in the game to help move the story along.

princess and fuck fight shogun

Some of these cannot be avoided, but some can be postponed or entirely avoided by taking certain actions. Here are the primary examples that can be found in this walkthrough: By keeping the Hara House around, the Iga House will not declare war on you.

The Uesugi House shogun princess fight and fuck will declare shogun princess fight and fuck on you if you conquer a certain number of territories based on the difficulty level porn adult are playing on I believe normal difficulty to be 9 conquered. This war declaration event can be postponed simply by remaining at war when you end your turn.

Kenshin will ONLY declare war on you if you are not at war with anyone when your turn ends. Some rules are slightly different on for first-time plays. Uesugi will still declare war when you are at war with another house on a first time play when you defeat the Asai-Asakura family. Normally I advise to conquer the Hara House and to leave the Ashikaga House around until it is close to turn This is due to the Tenshi Sect massacre which occurs shortly after the shogun princess fight and fuck gourd is broken.

By keeping mrs incredible porn Ashikaga Flash gaymes around until close to the time that a gourd is automaticly broken, you can postpone a Tenshi Sect war until you are better prepared. Unfortunately, I based this walkthrough on the need shogun princess fight and fuck quickly acquire a 3rd action fan and the early conquering of the Ashikaga House is required for additional satisfaction points.

The Hanny's will Jailhouse Lockhart help you invade Southern Takuga territory if you have both driven the Shinsengumi from Kyo and triggered Yamanaka Kojika's events up to the point of meeting Mouri's men.

One early event only triggers when a war with the Tenshi Sect is triggered, so a late war with them or missing one entirely can prevent the Hanny's aid. After taking a territory, you are given the option to impose a levy. In gangbang hentai games, you are also given one first level stat side scrolling hentai game. In certain areas of this walkthrough you are told to impose levies, primarily for funds needed to heal massive troop damage.

There are two types of stat scrolls. The 1st level scrolls will increase a specific stat by 1 point, but only if that stat is below 6. The 2nd level scrolls will do the same, but will increase up to the maximum of 9. Under no circumstances should you shogun princess fight and fuck a 2nd level scroll on a stat below 6.


Additionally, the use of a 2nd futa games online stat scroll to raise a stat above 7 will not increase the cost of maintaining a unit, unlike doing so through leveling a character. I recommend using the 1st level shogun princess fight and fuck scrolls on Rance when possible since his stats start low.

Unit attack strength Orc Threesome diminishing returns from additions made to troop sizes past certain ply sex. Additionally, you will shogun princess fight and fuck that troop cost will also increase starting after troops, and again at troops. Ideally, you will want to focus on raising multiple units to troop size over pumping up a single unit over as troop cost doubles at There are two exceptions to the rule.

The first is raising your primary foot shogun princess fight and fuck unit I recommend Mouri Teru due to her counter attack 2 special ability. The second is Rance. He is one of your primary attack units and the game will end if he dies.

After the majority of your units are around troops, you may consider increasing another foot soldier's troop count. You will notice that certain commanders will have precedence over other's for certain events. These include pre-battle affection increasing scenes with cleared commanders as well as the first round of visits to Rance's room for satisfaction bonuses.

princess and shogun fuck fight

As such, when you are instructed to visit Rance's room, the shogun princess fight and fuck listed next to the visit will be shobun commander that appears in the scene. This only applies to Otonari still with you when you finish shogun princess fight and fuck game.

This skill can only be given to commanders that do not already have a special skill. If you give a commander that is eligable for end-game points an alternate skill, prinvess cannot take end-game points at a later time.

Happy Pokkuru is an item princews when fjck release at least 5 captured units at once from your prison. This item will increase the level of one of your commanders by 1. To take full advantage of this, only release 5 units at once. Also, do not release fuvk special commanders from prison. Many of these will be recruited during this walkthrough. For the course of this walkthrough, use all Happy Pokkuru received from releasing captives to level Rance.

Defeated warrior hunt and light attack: Defeated warrior hunt and light attack both increase the chance of capturing enemy units defeated in battle. With Defeated warrior hunt, you will shogun princess fight and fuck be more likely to capture units than kill them. Light attack increases the chance to capture the specific unit it is used on if that unit is defeated.

Light attack has a cumulative effect, so using it more than once will increase the capture chance even further.

princess fuck shogun fight and

Some units are immune to capture, so it will not work on everything. While you will get the shogun princess fight and fuck of this by conquering houses and triggering scenes, prijcess remainder can only be acquired by capturing female commanders while Rance is in combat. To do this, you need to have a commander with Hairy pussy defeated warrior hunt skill in battle with Rance.

Niwa Nagahide can be used for this at the beginning of the game. Leila is a good candidate for the middle game.

fuck shogun and princess fight

You will find little use for defeated warrior hunt in the late game on the True History Route since the only commander in the Demon Army you will be capturing is Agireda.

Different actions were selected at turn 13, causing the additional sbogun fan to be delayed until the shogun princess fight and fuck turn. This was necessary to maintain a state of war to prevent a declaration of war by stripping girl games Iga house. Do not recruit commanders unless instructed to do so that turn. Doing so can cause Zeth and Leazus reinforcements to not join automatically when scheduled to and will force you to waste an action fan to accept their units.

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Do not use this section of the guide if you have beaten the game at least! This section is only for! Turn 1 [True] Owari Prison Capture sexy chat with bailey commanders. Attack Hara House - make sure to capture an enemy unit preferably foot soldier.

Turn 3 [True] Recruit a foot soldier from prison. You may need to defend with tight foot soldier and will need it for an early dungeon battle. The higher negotiation and search skill, the better. Princezs to get two of your first three generic recruits with 3 negotiation skill. If you are unable striping sex games do so, don't shigun about it; it will just be a little rougher recruiting and declaring war in the beginning.

Attack Hara House - try to capture another commander preferably a foot soldier again. Reload if they do not. Turn 4 [True] Recruit a commander from prison.

If you were not able to recruit a foot soldier last shogun princess fight and fuck, do so now. Xnd Mamushi Oil Field.

End shovun Turn 5 [True] Recruit a commander from prison. The same as last turn. Miko Institute Shogun princess fight and fuck Yamatai's pink rumor from 3G. Turn 6 [True] Recruit a commander from prison. Attack Kyo without Rance.

Do not attack or defend with Shogun princess fight and fuck against Ashikaga from this point unless Yamamoto Isoroku has been captured. End Turn CG Suzume joins. Turn 7 [True] Attack Kyo without Rance. Recruit Yamamoto Isoroku upskirt negotiations you have the negotiation available.

If not, wait until next turn.

princess and fuck fight shogun

Kyo Search for dungeon. Rance - Generic foot soldier 1 - Generic foot soldier 2. Rance and Suzume both attack once. Attack with Rance and Suzume normally. Rance's satisfaction bonus 10 - Increase number of action fans. Owari Miko without a memory: End Turn Turn 17 vavavoom game Dismiss all troops shogun princess fight and fuck fire one of the smaller previously recruited generic commanders.

Preferably at least a cost of 2.

and shogun fuck fight princess

Rance's satisfaction bonus 30 - Rance attack. You have two options when this occurs. Mamushi Oil Field impose levy. End Shogun princess fight and fuck Tenshi sect declares war. Turn 19 [True] [Optional: Use negotiations to make Tokugawa surrender. At the nuku nuku asumi of the following turn, save and then reload to your previous save and continue the walkthrough.

Senhime You must send her into battle regularly until cleared or she will leave you. Owari Miko without memory: Mikawa Shining god, Kaguyahime.

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End Turn Leave them alone. Turn 21 [True] Accept reinforcements. Rance's satisfaction bonus 40 - Call for reinforcements Zeth. Once shogun princess fight and fuck glance confirmed it was Fabia.

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