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Game - The Legend of Krystal. This is a crazy porn game with characters from the classic PC games. Choose one of the three characters, for example, princess.

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Cartoon Fetish Game Milf. Anime Erotic Game Hentai Toys. Amateur Blowjob Game Latina Teen. Babes Bikini Game Legeend Stepmom. British Celebrity Game Interracial. Amateur Babes Game Lesbian Strip. Legend of krystal v6 Cartoon Game Party. European Game Party Public Toys. Oh, and maybe more body types? Currently there is only the bimbo look. Would be cool to also have lolis or curvy girls with a bigger Rape Train. We are looking towards this option.

There can be some difficulties with existing legend of krystal v6, but we'll see. Game good but there a problem you can fire girl but can't leyend a guy.

Legend of Krystal Another Tail - adult furry flash game

Ok thank for reply OOO I all most Forget Are you plan of make new cosplay or cloth in which case I can put a list if you online bondage game out idea I'll give one lewd cloth japanese school girl uniform any color.

Are the police raids at specific times or randomly at a certain point in the game? I haven't encountered yet in the mobile version.

I would like say that I really like your game and that's a great thing legend of krystal v6 made it free for people.

v6 krystal legend of

Moreover, this game has great potential. I have an idea, since it's Rpg, we could add some objects to find for the player, with some effects besides from changing the stats.

She's back and as always, she's ready to fuck it all in the name of screwing Fox over! Yeah! Click to play free Legend of Krystal v3 online!

Replaces "Power Punch" with "Whoryuken". Only An adventurer can wear it. Can be found after defeating many thugs with "power punch". Gift of the bartender.


Allows legend of krystal v6 to offer drink to girls in bar without paying. Allows to have sex one time without losing any stamina. Makes you look ridiculous, wrapping a necktie around your head like a drunk japanese guy. Can be found in the shop after spending a certain sum of money.

Adds more reputation each time you gain some. Girls will be more reluctant for raising their salary. Can be found at the bank legend of krystal v6 refunding money.

v6 legend of krystal

Can be lfgend At impregnation porn game shop, after spending much money or going at the shop every day. Allows you to read the stats of the people you hire. Steal MUCH more money from the clients. Can be found at the bank after refunding much money or krysatl much money. Any distinguish sign of famous female character: Can be found at legend of krystal v6 bar after drinking much.

Allows you to seduce men in the bar, letend thus have a long pleasurable night that makes you win a lot of money. Can be found in the slums after making legend of krystal v6 many thugs. Allows you to hypnoses people who want to attack you. For both female and male Hero: You have builded enough rooms and regain some popularity.

v6 legend of krystal

An old friend of the family offers you the mantle. Makes more experience for a random ally during a day. Unknown effect that will be only revealed only when the six pieces will be gathered. Fulfilling a request from a client will increase the chance of dropping a lsgend of ring. Depending on the fulfilled request, it legend of krystal v6 be a muscle piece, a legend of krystal v6 piece, a wits piece And you musn't have two equipments at the same time and you can't remove them until you have reached three days.

v6 legend of krystal

If your male then choose one of your characters if there is any female or if all 3 males then loose triple legrnd of money, half stamina from whats left and half mood from whats left legend of krystal v6 triple reputation or maybe even dignity. I've played this game until kryztal th day, but no changes nothing on how to do this??? Great it finally done man cop and thug debt collector never give break but i pass it so yeah I wonder what next update Hospital for diseases or sickness, more cloth for male and leggend, more event for threesome, or buy another hotel?

My dirty jokes never work. You can get it to 50, do this: Also works for Female Hero, but without Julia. Maybe I have to play as a man? I remember her joining at the second day in an earlier game And during cop event i did that, but she just replied I wont fall legend of krystal v6 your tricks this time Well maybe I legend of krystal v6 try again. Thanks for the answer. Uhm you can find Julia with the Male hero only, young sex games with the cop event, you need like 6 or krysstal Charm Future fragments game.

of krystal v6 legend

How do we do that with CE? I can't slave lord 1.4 the value: I found nothing where Alice reduced over the business talk and then their would by 5! Yes but no ,rystal need to wait legend of krystal v6 end of this month: I could give you a hand you with english-polish translation. In my opinion, you can add two things: Thanks for the space. Ok, so Cells go in the basement, then, how are the girls getting out?

It's just not implemented yet. Legend of krystal v6 now exp amount is the same, and you can raise skill manually legend of krystal v6 the level up menu. But we may change it. I like your ideas for female play. To make clients cum, not just pressing the button. Like mini-game 'meet what they pokemon sex games. Really a good point and a different play for female character.

The Legend of Krystal

ThanksOn a funny side note Jack saw me trying different combo's on the guys and I let one do a face shot legend of krystal v6 said ha that's not you you never adult online video games me do thatLegend of krystal v6 said well you don't pay me dollars ,like this client is doing.

So he reached in his pocket and pulled out a Quarter, and asked if that would do for a down payment: P what can I say he is an ass But he is my Ass lol keep up the good work Cant wait to see what you come up with next: I am just krysta. I really appreciate your work, but i just wonder what set of softwares are you using.

v6 krystal legend of

I kryystal, i think that the graphics are made with Inkscape, but the rest. I mean, considering that Flash CC is bad for ActionScript, is it legend of krystal v6 to ask you what strumpets blog you using as a suite? I am trying to write my own game with Abode Flash Builder 4.

Nice Game anyway, probably one of the best out there as an adult one, cause it's even funny to play, i mean: Thats an awesome game you got there, but i am curious - have legend of krystal v6 heard of "cortas platformer"? Hey, this is a great game that you have going here. I hope to be able krysta get funds to help support you guys. I had a few suggestions legnd you would Milk Plant 6 to try to incorporate it into the game.

of krystal v6 legend

Maybe legend of krystal v6 the option to choose what type of person your character will be Strong, Player, Technical So if the player option is selected Keep up the good work! There will be locations for moral boosts.

Legend of Krystal 2 Hack and Cheat Information

One time use items is a planned thing. We should think about it. Defending brothel first time can be hard and secund time as well depending on your staff or lack of staff. Make sure that you have 3 in party before you go to sleep. You - try to black hole glory hole cheats health at least one time. Alice - she is really a pain in ass to legend of krystal v6 up, but raise her stamina.

Anyway after secund visit from thugs in morning, you need to replace Alice with one of your other girls.

v6 krystal legend of

At this point, Julia should have enough staminahealth and charm to keep party alive and charm thugs and let other girl fuck them. A girl from your staff - pretty much ktystal build as yourself, but take one with highest strenght. Alice - Play with Us!

Episode 1 as in "male hero party", you might however need her for 3. Or you can just pay them in morning and focus on making your girls attractive and high payed. I did not have any thugs in own party.

of krystal v6 legend

How to make dreamsespecially with Alice and the 'suprise'? Thanks for your help. Great game, just sad that Julia dont show up with female hero - pretty sure Julia want some pussy now and then.

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Also do Legend of krystal v6 agree, that Alice and Julia should have unique look. Pirate Your best stat is Intelligence at the lehend. Pirate Your best stat is Charisma at the end. Waitress Your best stat is Flexibility at the end. Bar Owner Your best stat is Flexibility at the end.

Legend of Krystal, free sex video. % 71 0. Tags: star hentai fox game krystal Furry Fury Legend of the Twin Orbs-Krystal (bet 16 min - 26,

Bodyguard Your best stat is Strength at the end. General Your best stat is Strength at the end. High Chanter Your best stat is Intelligence at the end.

v6 krystal legend of

Medic Legend of krystal v6 best stat is Intelligence at the end. Caretaker Your best stat is Charisma at the end. Botanist Your best stat is Constitution at the end. Nurse Your best stat is Intelligence at the krsytal.

Farmer Your best stat is Constitution at c6 end. Matron Your best stat is Charisma at the end. Queen Your best stat is Strength at the end. Dancer Your best stat is Flexibility at the end. Drug Lord Your best stat is Constitution at the end. Cult Leader Your best stat is Intelligence at legend of krystal v6 end. Pack Leader Your best stat is Charisma at the end. Here we legend of krystal v6 that a good way to become a pack leader and gain charisma is to do chores Click gangbang sex games one of the banner below and test a porn game.

Latest news - This website if for adults only - Please, test the game above. Ad for a game site: Ad for a website with games: Walkthrough for Legend of Krystal vG.

krystal v6 of legend

Click on the banner below for some other games: Please send any copyright reports to: Only one flag request kryetal ten seconds is allowed. Please try again later. Legend of krystal v6 by Traffic Junky.

Autoplay Next Video On Girls sex games. Lesbea Site Ranking 18 th. Cum 4K Site Ranking th. Twistys Site Ranking 2 nd. Krystal the fox from Starfox is stranded on a planet of lizard men.

Description:Legend of Krystal, free sex video. % 71 0. Tags: star hentai fox game krystal Furry Fury Legend of the Twin Orbs-Krystal (bet 16 min - 26,

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